Thursday, October 20, 2016


I'm getting a new sister! Brendon proposed to Kacee yesterday morning at a Kolache shop (so romantic!!) and she, to the relief of everyone, said YES! Kacee and Brendon are so good for each other. She motivates him and helps him when he is doubting himself like it's his job (haha!) And he makes her laugh and always sees the best in her, and in everyone. That's one of his super-powers. Both of them have a deep desire to improve and become the best version of themselves, and I can't wait to see how their life unfolds! Yesterday when I got these pictures on my phone, I squealed and jumped up and down in the kitchen. Jane asked why I was so happy. I told her, and she too started squealing with happiness. It's an emotional thing to me; it is sort of ridiculous how emotionally invested I am in Brendon's (and all my siblings') life!

So Brendon had one of her friends take a picture of them; while one of his best friends was behind the fence and he held up this sign right when the picture was taken. When they looked back at the picture she said "WHAAAAAT?" and then he got down and asked. Both of them say they have no idea what the other person said; isn't that always how it goes? 

We are so excited to go to their wedding on January 6th. Kacee fits in so well with our family and we are thrilled to have a new addition; one that will hopefully give us a few more additions later on down the line ;) (and those additions will be beautiful! I mean would you LOOK at this model couple??) I spent some time yesterday showing Jane some pictures of when "daddy got down on one knee and asked mommy to marry him!" and it was so fun to then show her the pictures of that very same thing happening with Brendon and Kacee. 

Also- she had NO idea this was happening so isn't it so impressive that she looks SO beautiful and her nails are perfect?

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