Thursday, January 19, 2017

CATCH UP: the snowy and sunny parts of utah

After our 36 hour journey from Germany to Utah, there were no words to adequately describe how euphoric and heavenly it felt to sleep in a comfortable bed.

We started out at my dad's house, and then began the house hopping! Jeff's parents drove all the way from Houston to see us for just a few days. Us, in our jet lagged, sickly glory. Jeff was exempt from the jet lagged category somehow. The first day we went to a museum where both of my girls were having fun, but also walking around like zombies; with their eyes wide, blankly staring at nothing. Their eyes were glossed over and BEGGING for sleep so we went home to give them a little nap. Then we went to our beloved texas roadhouse, and both girls were LITERALLY falling asleep in between every bite. Luckily, that day was the worst of it and the next day we headed to Spring City where Jeff's Grandma and Grandpa live.
AND WE WERE GREETED WITH SNOW, so out came the adorable snowsuits!
We got out the 4 wheeler + sled which is just a perfect memory-making combo if you ask me. Jeff pulled his girls around, looking back every few seconds to make sure we were alright.
And the dog, Belle, was also a hit. 
 A grandma who is never afraid to get on the ground and PLAY with her grandkids. I'll always be amazed at how she can make so many grandkids feel so special.
I love the relationship Jeff has with his dad. They spent a majority of their time together in their own land of conversation and they sure enjoyed it. They laugh, talk, and think the same and truly understand each other. I'm so grateful for the influence his dad has had on him.

We had a delicious dinner that night with Jeff's grandparents, Jeff parents, Laura & Tom, and an aunt and uncle. 

The next day, we decided we had had enough of the snow and decided to go where there was SUNSHINE! St. George did the trick. Our family, my dad, rachel, brendon, and kacee all went down there to stay with my grandparents for 4 days where almost all of use proceeded to get sick.  My girls got the worst of it and were miserable for most of the time. But we still made the most of it and were outside as much as possible because, in my opinion, there is almost nothing as healing as some warm fresh air. 
We got matching shoes to celebrate our sisterhood. But mostly because we both thought they were adorable and both our husbands thought they looked hot on us ;) SCORE. A win for everyone involved. Also, I realllllly am glad she is my sister now :) 

Us adults had a blast galavanting around the city. Kacee and Rachel helped me find dresses for myself and the girls for the wedding, and we got some outings sans kids where we shopped some more and ate some delicious food. But the most delicious food of all came straight out of my grandma's kitchen. She is the ultimate host, and we all ate like kings the whole time. I've learned in the past year how hard it is to be that great of a host, yet she has always made it look so easy. Mad respect for that woman.

Kacee and Brendon won Jane over forever when they told her they were taking her on a date and ended up at an ice cream shop. She's been obsessed with them ever since. She spent a lot of time cuddling with anyone who would, and it was sweet of everyone to risk their health in doing so. Seriously that house had become a pit of despair and sickness, and somehow we were all still happy because we were together.
Jane loved, loved, LOVED this dog!
 ^^ They will be awesome parents one day ;) but really.....
 Don't we all, besides Jeff, look so miserable and sick? Oh goodness, just keeping it real. BAAAAD.

And one night, Jane and I fell asleep at 7pm for the night. It was in that moment that Brendon officially deemed me a boring mom. So, yeah, we weren't as lively as usual during these days; but I think we've made up for it in the days since.

My girls were absolutely smothered in love this weekend, and every day since. It amazes me and humbles me flat when I get to SEE how many people in this world love us, and are so good to us. I hope my girls always feel buoyed up by the love that they feel from so many people in so many places.

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