Friday, February 17, 2017


After Utah (I will have to do a back track post because I'm still waiting on wedding pictures), we drove to Colorado. My dad drove us down and it was the worst drive ever; white knuckling it for about 3/4 of the way! We were so happy to finally arrive, safe and sound. Despite horrible snow storms, driving through the armpit of wyoming, and getting a flat tire! (wyoming is THE worst place to get a flat tire, and that's the second time it's happened to me!)

Brendon and Kacee came down the next day, and stayed for the weekend because they were having a reception. It was so fun to spend some time with them after the honeymoon. True to form, Lyla ate crackers for 90% of the time at that reception (as seen below).

^^ My uncle and my mom. Monte and Megan are the kind and generous hosts of the evening. Lending their amazing house. They put so much work into this night. Kinda reminds me of another reception....oh yeah! MINE! Thanking them will never suffice.
It was a short & sweet weekend and we ended it by going to our favorite breakfast restaurant: The Original Pancake House. 
After breakfast and saying goodbye to my dad, kacee, and Brendon, we went to the Denver aquarium with my mom and sister. It was super cool and Jane has been eager to learn about sea creatures ever since!  She was begging for the octopus the ENTIRE time, and I was certain that there would be one. Well, that certainty began to fade as we were nearing the end and there was no sign of an octopus. Sure enough, it was the VERY last exhibit and it did not disappoint. Thank goodness. I also should mention that Lyla is at the peak age of running away from wherever she is supposed to be. Taking her out in public is completely exhausting unless she is strapped in to something. 

The weather while we were there was spectacular. I went on lots of outside runs and we had picnics, played at the park, played mini golf in the front yard (jeff would be SO proud of Jane's form.....ha!), and went on lots of walks. We took full advantage. The sunshine completely rejuvenated my soul, and coming back to cloudy Germany was quite the blow. 

^^ thats actually NOT me although when I first saw it, I had to think about it for a second. I can definitely see the resemblanace! haha
^^ talking to her daddy on the phone :)
Jane and her Nana
On this trip, Lyla learned to hit. She also learned how to say SO many new words. Jane learned how to be potty trained. (with pee, ONLY. don't get too excited) And she also learned how to not hit back when her sister hits her. They got along well for the most part. Lyla is finally getting big enough to "play" with jane and there is no scene that brings more joy than the one of them giggling and running around together in the same little fantasy world.
Shopping for make-up with my make-up helpers. And my personal trainees. I made them work out, and got them all motivated. They've since lost their steam but you better believe their highlight and brows are always on fleek. ;)
The beginning of Jane's puzzle addiction!
Jane had her first time in primary, and Lyla had her first time in nursery. Jane was terrified out of her mind and Lyla didn't even notice I was gone. If I drop her off in a place that has toys AND snacks, she does NOT ask any questions! Jane has since come along with primary, and last week her report was : "Mom! I finally got enough courage to sing in primary. But not the first song...sorry. Just the other ones." Which makes me happy because singing is that little girl's number one favorite past time.

I spent a lot of time with Lily, a good friend from high school. She has a daughter Lyla's age and it was SO fun to catch up and have our kids play together. Or rather, fun to chase our BUSY toddlers around in the same space; and trying to get a word in every now and then. Having mom friends who also knew you before you were a mom is really the best of both worlds!

When we left Colorado, I asked Jane what her favorite part was and she said "Snuggling with Nana and Rachel and Kacee and reading books." She is easily pleased. Lyla's favorite part was that she always had someone to get her snacks every second of the day. Oh and let's talk about how quickly Kacee completely won Jane's adorable. She already feels like a sister to me, and my already awesome family just got that much more awesome. I really don't know if most people genuinely LIKE, and get along with, their family as much as I do. We are a tight knit circle of friends, and it's the best circle I've ever been a part of. I hope my kids can have relationships with each other like I have with my siblings!

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