Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Conquering Fears

This time, last year Jane was learning to ride her bike. (still just the training wheels) And BOY, was that an EVENT. One of the first times she was riding, she crashed and was scarred physically and mentally. Ok the physical scar was just a small scrape, but to her it was a big deal. It happened while she was riding down hill, and she quickly recognized that she has less control when riding downhill. That resulted in a scared little jane, inching along on her bike. Ride a few inches, break, ride a few inches, break, ride a few inches, break. It took her 15 minutes to ride down the street because she was breaking every 2 seconds, no exaggeration. Well, one day I talked to her about conquering fears. Helped her to understand what it means to conquer a fear, and told her it would make her feel awesome. Slowly, but surely, she let go and gave her bike those wheels the chance to really roll. Her smile, her eyes widened and lit up as she shouted "MOM! I conquered a fear!" I was so proud, so relieved- because bike rides had become an endless outdoor test of patience. 

So, the other day as she was zooming on past me, having to stop and wait for me and lyla to catch up; I couldn't help but smile. It feels good to conquer fears; to recognize that you can choose to push past any anxiety or hesitancy you may have. Take a few steps out of your comfort zone, and a whole new world is opened for you. Grateful to be able to watch Jane learn this lesson through experience. 

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