Wednesday, March 1, 2017


As we were traveling from germany to utah (back in december), I wondered aloud many times if this would even be worth it. 3 airplanes, 2 trains, and 2 car rides. + about 14 hours worth of layovers. YUCK. But let me ease all sympathy or worry and inform you that the horrific journey was worth it for this day alone. I got to bask in the love and reunion of people I love from all different stages of life; and with them celebrate 2 people I love with all of my heart! Brendon and I are siblings, as you can physically see. But we match more on the inside than on the outside; even though I'm aware we look very much alike. Always seemingly on the same wave length; we are able to hold a deep conversation without saying a word. The (usually passionate and emotional) conversations we have with words though are even better, and I always feel uplifted after talking to him. That being said, the person he married has always been a big fat deal to me; and I'm so glad that I have whole-heartedly approved from the moment I've met Kacee.

Kacee also deserves an honorable mention for standing outside in 15 degree weather in her dress with no jacket, her face literally frozen in a smile. My legs were numb after standing out there for about 20 minutes, so props to Kacee. I think it was worth it because their pictures turned out amazing!
We sure missed Will, but being with just these people is a little piece of heaven. I count myself very lucky that my family members are my BEST friends. Also sidenote....SO glad I spent money to buy the girls coordinating dresses when they are completely covered up by their coats....WOOHOO
Brendon also makes me laugh harder than anyone. Okay, him AND Will. But he also has this thing where he just likes to BUG people until they are ready to strangle. So when the photographer asked us to "bug him or something" we jumped at the opportunity to pay him back for all those times....
Look! The dresses! In horrible church lighting, but they are there! And adorable!

That day, split between the temple and the reception house, was pure bliss for me. It felt almost like my wedding day all over again because so many of the SAME people were there. My heart was brimming and I was handing out true, genuine hugs like candy. Seeing everyone you love in the same room truly is what heaven is going to be like, if you ask me :)

Brendon and Kacee are already #marriagegoals and I can't wait to be able to cheer them on every future step of the way. Love them!

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