Monday, April 17, 2017


I told Jeff last night that I am having some serious anxiety over forgetting precious moments, despite the fact that I document probably more than most people. I have a blog, chatbooks, and individual journals for both girls. But there are so many times when Jane or Lyla say or do something hilarious or sweet and I think "I need to write that down" and then within minutes I've forgotten. It is heart-wrenching! But here are a few things I want to remember from this stage of life.

- FIRST OF ALL, THE CURLS! Both of my girls have the prettiest natural curls, this day in particular, and I had to capture it before a wrestling match, deep sleep nap, or a game of blanket peek-a-boo could ruin it.
- The sweet moments when Lyla will allow Jane to hug her. It happened the first time about a week ago when Jane wrapped her arms around her sister and instead of a screaming protest, Lyla laid her head down on jane's chest and let it happen, and then said in her sweet, small little high pitched voicce "yuv you"(!!) Jane looked up at me, bewildered, and said "What the heck mom, she usually HATES this!" It was a major milestone for this sister relationship.
- Every morning I ask the girls what they want for breakfast. I'm not sure why I continue doing this since the answers I get are: Jane- "a hot dog!" or "quesadilla!" And Lyla: "uhhhhhhm, NACK!" (UHHHHM, SNACK!)
- One of their mutual obsessions is picking flowers, in hoards. Specifically dandelions, since they are the only flower that is really available in hoards around these parts. I have bouquets of dandelions on my table most often.
- Lyla will come up to me multiple times a day and request "Fiiii" for high five and then "NUCKO" for knuckles, as she balls her tiny little hand into a fist.
- Jane has hit some major milestones. I feel like I can officially say she is READING. We just got through the first set of BOB books, and she is starting to sound out random words that she sees in books and posters. She learned how to read before she learned how to poop in the toilet but I am so HAPPY, and every fiber of my being is filled with relief, to announce that she finally learned to poop on the potty. I wish I could say I knew what finally clicked- but I honestly have no idea. I'm just grateful!
- Lyla is learning her colors, and I have dubbed Jane as my "teaching assistant." I honestly think she has played a part in Lyla learning a few things. She takes her role very seriously :)
- Just now (like 2 seconds ago) Jane came up to me and asked if I hid her easter candy on top of the microphone. (aka microwave)
- Jane and I are total gamers. Every day during lyla's nap time, she picks out a board game for us to play, and I honestly enjoy it unless it's candyland :) (our favorites are Guess Who, Matching, Spot it, and Enchanted Forest- and I'm excite to grow the game collection for her birthday.)
- - They both love to run (which is what they are doing in these pictures)! Just running back and forth, for fun, as Jane repeatedly shouts "look how fast I am!" They will run back and forth inside our house, and any stretch of grass they find. They both like to run for awhile and then sit down and feel their heart beating fast, as they breathe quite dramatically.
- We love, love, love dance parties in this house. The other day I picked a song, and took turns holding each girl while I twirled them around. It was one of those moments that I was sorely nostalgic for as it was happening. I could already see myself in the future remembering these sweet moments when they were little and their entire world revolved around me. And by the end tears were streaming. Goodness I love them!

^^ feeling her heart beat :)

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