Monday, May 8, 2017


 Easter was so fun with the girls this year. I tried to start some new traditions and focus more on Christ. We watched bible videos, (even more than usual), read in the new testament, and talked a lot about miracles Christ performed. I got my ideas from here. I tried my best to explain the passover to Jane- but that meant I had to learn about it myself. #embarrassing We had a faux passover dinner that I hope will be more appreciated in later years because all members of the family were pretty oblivious and unphased. ;)

The easter bunny put together baskets for the girls and set up a little egg hunt. Lyla followed that trail of jelly beans with great diligence, as I expected. We had some friends come to church with us too, and the chapel was PACKED. Therefore, excess noise ensued and it was a little harder than usual to hear the speakers.
After we went to church, the girls helped me make rice krispie treat "nests" and we went to some of our friends' house for dinner. It was a wonderful easter. 

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