Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cooper Man

My last post was written during a particularly turbulent day in our house. HA. So dramatic. It's funny how a little sleep + perspective can make you feel like you are living a totally different life. Life has been very busy and very fulfilling with my three kiddos. I've had MANY more happy moments than infuriating moments. I'm really soaking up this phase because Jane will be leaving us for kindergarten soon. (unless I decide to homeschool her for kindergarten- this will be a decision that requires a lot of thought and prayer!)

Cooper man is 5 weeks old today! He is becoming a lot more high maintenance. Right on track with my girls. I swear all of my babies have been identical in their behavior for the first 6-8 months. Although I think Lyla had a few patches that were EXTRA rough. But what is really crazy is that I don't remember it all that well. So when Cooper is crying, I'm able to usually keep that perspective-- just get through this crying fit and it will all be alright. In two years I will have to go back to read in his baby book or this blog to remember whether or not he was a fussy baby. HA! Luckily, he still sleeps pretty well at night without too much crying. I might go off dairy again like I did with Lyla to see if it helps his fussiness lessen. It seemed to help with Lyla.

Cooper is so content in the baby wrap. I have a moby wrap, but I tried my friend's solly wrap the other day and ever since, the Moby wrap totally annoys me! It is still a total lifesaver but when we move back to the states I will definitely be getting a solly. As is customary with babies, and basically all humans in general, this little guy loves being outside. Perfect, because, we all do!

The girls still aren't sick of him. They will love on him all day if I let them. Lyla is FINALLY calling HIM a "him" a good 50% of the time. Every time she says "him" she gets proud of herself and sayd "Mommy! I said HIM!" They are so good at sticking his pacifier in, and their daily question is "can I hold him, on my chest?!" They love it when he will cuddle up on their chest, but he doesn't share their enthusiasm about it :)  He prefers mine.

One funny thing about him is that he HATES to be tickled! Every time we tickle his little tummy (very lightly) he makes this very distinct grunting noise. Without fail. It is hilarious. Jeff and I seem to finally be getting back into a groove, with this family of 5. It feels soooo nice to not be out of sorts.

We are both SO so in love with our boy.


  1. Hi Kerri

    How are you doing? We miss your posts and can't wait to see how Cooper has grown.
    Love, Bronwen

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