Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old Friends

Old friends.How happy!
And just because they are old friends doesn't mean we aren't still friends.
I met Breaelle and Jess when I was an awkward 12 year old beehive.
And they were the COOL older girls.
But they were so nice to me and were like my big sisters.
I haven't seen both of them together in like 2 years. 
I love them and miss them.
I distinctly remember my second year of girls camp at testimony meeting breaelle saying:
"And maybe one day a guy will look at me and we can get married in the temple"
oh and did I mention she is married and that is HER baby {who is her spitting image}
Jessica is the FUNNIEST person I know. And my birthday twin.
I remember that same girls camp we went on this excruciating LONG hike.
When we got to the top she said "UH. I'm quitting the church" haha. 
...if only I had a dollar for every time she made me laugh.
 Blissful reunion :)
{once again, i had JUST finished running before this picture. How ideal}

Song of the Day: Prove Me Wrong by He Is We


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