Monday, May 23, 2011

Every hello ends with a goodbye...

Okay. This has been a week of Goodbyes
And Hellos. 
Both of which are bittersweet.

A year ago, almost to the day- I said goodbye to high school and my non-adult life. And also Hello to a new life {college, baby!}. And a couple days ago, I said hello to my friends who just said goodbye to that very same thing. Hannah and Melanie, two of my best friends ever, graduated high school. Would you like to see this photographic chiasmus? All right.
Last Year. My Hello {to summer, real life, BYU} and Goodbye {to High School}

Versus: Hannah's Goodbye {to High School} and Hello {to Summer, real life, BYU}

                                                              Wow. That was deep.
Like the trench Nemo's dad told him to not to swim out to.
Freaking Nemo. You should've listened to your dad. 
But then I guess there would've been no movie.
Either that, or just a really boring one.

Anyways, moving on.
I said a goodbye a year ago {almost to the day as well} to one of my best friends.
And did the same thing yesterday. Times two.
Once again, chiasmus--
{which, by the way, is an ancient Hebrew literary technique that wasn't discovered until way after Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon that happens to be chalk full of it. Yeah, real likely that a boy with a 3rd grade education randomly decided to throw some of that in there just for kicks and giggles without getting some serious divine help. Just sayin.}
Last year I said goodbye to Neil.
he has almost been gone for a year now.
And Yesterday I said goodbye to Aaron and Jared.--My two red head friends. Haha
I've known both of these nice lads since 8th grade. I can't believe they are grown up and going on missions.
They can't either.
In fact, the other day, I was at lunch with them, Aaron said to Jared {after doing something sliiiightly immature}
"Jared, I can't believe they are sending us on missions." 
Me and Jared. He didn't smile. He told me after so many pictures, the senior picture smile goes into hibernation. Haha

And here is me between the two missionaries to be. {As of right now, they are both officially set apart as missionaries! Crazy!}Aaron on the right. Jared on the left. Chase and Codi are also in there. All these guys are awesome. {Chase has been called to South Africa, and Codi has been called to California.}

Anyways, those are enough Goodbyes to last me for awhile. But I still have my fair share coming up. 
Did I mention I HATE goodbyes?
Because I do.

Well, that's all for now, folks.

Song of the day: Catch Me by Demi Lovato. {Listen to lyrics carefully and you will know why.}


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