Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sometimes you don't get over things.
No matter how ridiculous they seem.
Sometimes your head says "NO!" while your heart screams "YES!"
And you can't help it.
Sometimes the same memories run through your head. Every. Single. Day.
But those same memories do not cross anyone else's mind. Ever.
Sometimes, remembering sucks.
You love, and love, and love. Falling out of this does not exist in your world.
Sometimes you don't think it is bearable.
and you feel like this:

But then you remember you have happy medicine.
Happy medicine saves lives. All the time. Everyday.
There are different types. First is reading the scriptures or the words of the prophets. Truly-- chicken noodle soup for the soul. You see the big picture and remember that "the worth of souls is great in the sight of God" {D&C 18:10} {and YOU are one of those souls} and that is ALL THAT MATTERS. Then there is music. Pure JOY and bliss and every happy word in the dictionary that just fills you up, almost like getting your batteries recharged {this scripture does similar things: Mosiah 4:27}. Then there is running. Running requires breathing hard. Inhaling and exhaling. Did you ever stop to think why this is? It is because you are exhaling the pain and inhaling the beauty and goodness that you tend to occasionally overlook. Quite convenient. There is more medicine too. People. If you stop thinking about your own pain, and focus on THEM and serve them...suddenly your problems are nonexistent. Poof. Gone. Magic. {so, does this mean Harry Potter does exist?-- ugh i wish.} It means that Heavenly Father exists and He will always love you. He's looking out for you. The only guy will who will always be there for you and love you unconditionally. All the happy medicine is proof of that. 

This is all completely hypothetical...of course

Ok so back to the non-hypothetical song of the day is. Drumroll please...
Lovely Obsession by Caleb Blood {this color denotes a link if you haven't figured that out that makes YOU a click away from listening}

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