Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It would be nice...

Don't read this if you are wanting to be entertained. This is just for my sanity's sake.
It's one of my few..maybe my only not-so-happy posts.
Let's remember, I am human. 
Not a fake barbie with a smile plastered on my face for time and all eternity.
If anyone knows me, they know I canNOT bottle anything up.
That's just impossible. It all comes gushing out like an avalanche unless I get it out in a timely manner.
I was just thinking about how it would be nice to go on a date.
A good one though, not one of those dates that just sucks out all your energy (along with your interest)
To just go on a date and... (like Taylor Swift)
Sit on a park bench and think to myself "Hey, isn't this easy?"
It would be nice to be surprised and flattered instead of either:
"what took you so long?" or, my personal favorite--
"well, there are plenty other fish in the sea."
I've had to pull the latter one out frequently in my dating lifetime.
And quite frankly, it's gettin' real old.
ALL the girls in the good movies and good books and good real life stories can find love.
It's SO easy for them. Effortless.
All those girls are chased and convinced by their true love.
And yes, that DOES happen in real life.
But not all the time...
And not to everybody.
You know how the guy always falls for the girl in the book?
He always describes how this one particular trait of hers-
the one that takes his breath away every single time he looks at her.
the one that strikes him the first time he ever saw her and makes him feel like he never had before.
Yeah, that would be nice.

Wanna know something that wouldNOT be nice? Guys who:
--are so freaking shallow that once they meet your friend who is prettier, you're as good as dead.
--think that once you leave for two months... you're also as good as dead.
{And they can go ahead and mack on the first female that waltzes their way.}
yeah sure- that's totally fine thanks for asking!
--or who thinks he can write you love poems where the word love actually means "I just want to be friends." {excuse me for not knowing that, kind sir}
 Yeah, it would be nice to NOT meet those guys.
Oops. Too late.

All I know is, people who do have love- shouldn't take it for granted.
I know I wouldn't.

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