Tuesday, November 13, 2012

baby names

if there is one thing jeffrey and i do NOT agree on, 
it is baby names. 
he likes traditional, common names.
and i like unique names, to an extent.
i've had a book of baby names i've had since i was 16.
when i let jeff take a look at it
he stared at me with wide eyes that said:

"the chances of naming our children any of these names are akin to a getting struck by lightning during a blizzard in the desert and at the same time finding a plate of tofu that tastes like bacon followed by a dessert that is delicious and healthy"

so. that pretty much ruined all my hopes and dreams, 
as far as baby names go.
jeff bases his approval of names on the people he knew with that name.
if he knew a girl who in 5th grade who was annoying and never wore deodorant,
then that name has no hope of a bright future.
 even if i LOVE it.

i know that if i was dead set on a name, 
jeff would never forbid me from naming our child that.
but i just really want him to love it too.
is that asking for too much? maybe.

but anyways, i've become annoyed with this topic.
I'm starting to just hate every name, ever.
hopefully this will change eventually.

so, if any of you have favorite names, SPILL.
i love hearing peoples' ideas of names.
don't worry about me judging  you if you are worried your preference of names 
will not coincide with mine, i just want ideas.
and lots of them.
no judge zone. pinky promise.
maybe, just maybe, one name will strike us both the right way, 
and the world will stop spinning right along with it.

so, the sky is the limit.
boy and girl names. as many as you have in your brain..
and make my day. :)


  1. For what it's worth, names were very hard for us too.

  2. These aren't the names we're planning on using, but ones I've always liked:


    We like really unique names, not into traditional ones at all, so those are all pretty unique and Jeff might not approve.

    Love you Kerri! Let me know when you do pick one!



    1. for some reason i totally can picture you having a daughter named sophia. :) haha.

    2. Haha I've always loved the name but I have a cousin named Sophia so it might be awkward to have that as my daughters name too.

  3. Names are just hard! It's just one of those things. I love that "IF he knew a girl in 5th grade..." comment. So funny! That is how Trevor is. Even when we just talk about! I have a few names. But I"m so weird about telling people them. I don't know why. WHY? Because I like unique ones. I LOVE Bentley. That one is my favorite :)

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  4. Oh I work on the infant unit of a children's hospital and so I have heard the works of baby names! Some notable ones....Neveah (heaven spelled backwards), Maris, Hylend, Bronwyn, Carielle (you could spell it Kerrielle and she could be named after you!)....I just realized that I assumed you were having a girl. Ha. Premonition maybe? :)

  5. My husband and I had that same problem, I loved Miles and he hated it.. Addison and Avery but I did not have a girl. and they became really popular. Tristan, Ryan, Kyler, Renee, My sons names are Nolan Patrick and Luke Anthony!

  6. I love names that are old fashioned enough that no one is named them anymore. My sister has two girls, Ivy and Violet and I love those names. I really like traditional names like Jane, Lizzy, Ethan, Daniel, etc. I saw Elizabeth spelled Elisabeth once, and she went by Elise, which I thought was a cool idea. Those are my ideas :) I have a brother who judges names based on how they would appear on a resume :) Good luck deciding!

  7. I found your blog through the Real Talk Tuesday linkup and I am SOO happy I did. I am not pregnant yet.... but my husband and I still have baby name talks once in a while just for fun. AND OMG HE IS THE SAME WAY! I like the unique names... but he hates them. And heaven forbid he knew someone that he thought was weird who was named MOLLY... or had a hamster named SARAH or something.... he will not want his kid to have that name! So yeah, he's ruled out a lot of names that I've liked since I was like 12. Hahaha, glad to know I'm not alone!!

    Newest Follower!!

    -Karla @ forevernewlywedded

  8. haha this makes me laugh. I am the same as you, I have had a list of names that I have always loved. I basically told Dave that those will be the names of our children :) hahah we don't have kids yet though so we will see what happens. I am sure you will find one that you love :)

  9. All the names that Eric and I have agreed on have some sort of meaning to us. We've taken a lot of them from books we've read and stuff (Josephine = Little Women, we also like Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird). Books are a fun place to look, because they're unique a lot of the time and you can choose a character that you loved, too. :-)

    I love the names...Lola, Elsa, Violet, James, Ira, and Maxwell. So there's a few for you! Haha. Names are so hard, though.

  10. I wish I had done it with our first, and will definitely do it with the rest, to not decide/tell a name firmly until the baby is born. We had no clue what our first was gonna be, so she had adopted the nick name "Ida", instead of calling it baby. We had a girl and boy name picked out- but I wish I could have seen her face and said, "nvm, she looks like this..." but he were so set on a name, there was no changing it. Of course I love her name (Sariah Elizabeth) and wouldn't want to change it today. But also- I hate telling people the names we picked and getting their looks/opinions. Irritating!
    But my husband either wants normal names (John, Ben, Luke, borring.) or CRAZY names from the scriptures that have meaning- like Ebenezer (not as in scrooge, from the bible. CRAZY, right?). I am totally against it.
    I, on the other hand- like unique but normal names . I have always loved Evelyn, Beau, Harrison, Logan, Dean. But, My husband doesn't like them.
    Ultimately, we decided on names that meant something (Where the Heart is), and try to stick with family names/scriptures/important names. So we like: Colleen (my middle name) Camille (my BF name), Lucy/Luccille (My husbands Grams name), Ezra (not because he was a Prophet, but also because my husband is in AG, and so was Benson, so it wold be kinda cool/funny), Atticus (I LOVE To Kill a Mockingbird, and finally convinced my husband of how amazing it is and the character Atticus), and Daniel Emorey (My dad's name and Husbands middle name- family tradition).

    So, those are all the names we vote for- although, I also don't want you to choose any, because they are mine. And should stay that way. =] But you should choose names that mean something. Happy choosing!

  11. Okay, so to start I hope you're not creeped out by a stranger reading your blog. :) My husband went to school with your husband so they're friends on facebook and that's how I found your blog recently... Anyway, my name's Lindsay. :)

    Oh man, so names... they're so hard! We're in trouble when we have kids I think, but I think it's because I'M the picky one... I like a name one day and then the next day I think "seriously? I liked that one?" lol... anyway, I read through this list people are giving because I want good ideas too. :)

    1. haha lots of strangers read this, but its cooler when there is some sort of connection. please keep reading :) I'm flattered!

  12. SO I just found your blog and I love it. My husband and I just went through the name search this past year. We had the same struggle trying to find a name we both liked. Thank goodness we had a little girl. I am not sure if we would have ever agreed on a boy name. Here are some names we loved

    Boys- Ryker, Hyrum, Kaylab, John, Svynn

    Girls- Sadie, Reagan, Emma, Jane, Calra, Lilly, Callie, Elisabeth

    Good luck! I am so excited for you

  13. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @ revampspunkyrena.blogspot.com

  14. Over the past few weeks, I have been working on my family tree, its been really neat seeing how certain name carry on from one generation to the next.

    When the time comes for me to pick baby names, I think I would probably consider incorporating my or my boyfriends grandfather or grandmother's name(s) into the child's name. I think tradition is important.

    Maybe a good compromise would be a traditional middle name, and a unique first name? I also really like names like William, for a boy, because he can also go by Will when he is younger, or Bill when he is older.

  15. Boys:




    I really love names. I can't wait to have a baby to name :-)
    You should make lists and see if there is anything you have in common, or a name that one suggests and the other realizes they love. If you give examples of names you like, I can do my best to suggest more hahah.

  16. hm................. brooklyn madeline paisely
    warner, yeah cant think of any more boy names...
    -lyndi- dont worry, i am not some creepy weirdo stranger just randomly reading your blog

    1. lyndi you are so cute! i love that you read my blog :) brooklyn is brendon's all time favorite name and i think if i took it he would kill me! haha. those are cute names :) i really do like them!



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