Thursday, January 10, 2013

feeling butterflies


i remember being in high school,
brushing shoulders with my crush of the week-
{or if he was really cool, crush of the month}
those little butterflies that would flutter around until i was almost dizzy.
they made me excited about life, gave me a reason to smile.

i remember holding hands with jeff for the first time,
having our first dtr,
and i remember him telling me he wanted to marry me someday.
those butterflies in high school paled in comparison to these ones.
the butterflies he gave me had grown bigger wings,
they were much more full of life and meaning
they gave me a million reasons to smile, and a reason to live!

now, i thought those butterflies would be matchless.
but i was wrong.

i remember sitting on my bed, thinking of my baby.
thinking of how i've been pretty sick my whole pregnancy..
{ however, i think I'm finally coming to the light at the end of the tunnel called morning sickness! :) }
and how those symptoms were the only manifestation of the little life growing in me.
i started rubbing my belly, yearning for a stronger connection with my future child.
i closed my eyes, relaxed, and then i felt it.
bam. butterflies.
but wait- jeff wasn't even in the room...
why would i have butterflies?
and these ones aren't normal...
these butterflies are the ones that are truly matchless, incomparable.
the feeling of my baby moving inside of me.
the baby i created with the one who gave me my first real butterflies.
i was so overwhelmed with this feeling, and i felt an instant connection
to this little person who is living and growing inside of me. 
it is SUCH a stinkin' miracle! 
even after it has happened 100 billion times in this world, 
it is STILL such a miracle.

this lovely occurrence was a couple days ago.
i've been anxious to feel my baby for weeks now...
so i just sat there and soaked up every movement, 
every little flutter of my baby.
so sweet and gentle, yet so tremendously monumental.
if i had it my way, that's what i would do all day.
just sit and marvel at the movements inside of me, and do nothing else

i've always been a fan of feeling butterflies,
the little tummy tickle that follows the sight of your special someone 
but these baby butterflies? they are the best butterflies of all.
they give me a reason to live, a reason to fight, a reason to rejoice, a reason to endure forever.
a reason to thank my Heavenly Father profusely.

my sweet little baby- i love you!
please keep rolling, and kicking, and stretching.
it makes my entire life worth living.


  1. Wow, it is touching to hear how much you love that little baby :) Congrats!

  2. You are so cute & that was so beautiful! I'm so excited to see your baby. I can hardly wait!

  3. this is amazing - i love the way your describe the feeling of creating a new life with your love. congratulations, i can't wait to read more about your experience with pregnancy and becoming a new mom!

  4. Found your blog through Thirsty Thursday blog hop. What you wrote is so sweet! I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first. Those first flutters are amazing! Congratulations =)

  5. Found you through Thirsty Thursday BH too. That was a lovely thing you wrote. I think we all get those butterflies. Congrats on the PG

  6. How lovely! Found you through Twinkle in the Eye :-)

  7. What a precious post! Congratulations on your little one :-) I have five of my own and every moment has been an amazing gift.

    (I found you through Paula's no rules blog party)

  8. What a beautiful image and yes baby butterflies are a unique and wonderful gift.

  9. I win. I'm the grandma-to-be. Those little flutters also belong to me!! :)

    1. yay mom you finally learned how to comment! haha...

  10. What an awesome post, I loved reading it. :)

  11. Omgoodness soooooo sweet!!!! It is such an amazing feeling :)

  12. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop at:

    congrats and this was a GREAT read! i could totally relate to a lot of the things you were saying

    New follower via Email :-)

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    Have a lovely day!


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    xoxoxo Hanna



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