Monday, May 27, 2013

bottom of the 9th

okay the title of this post is so clever, not gonna lie.
the pun is completely intended.
i never understood why people say "pun not intended"
when the pun is very obviously intended....
anyways, i haven't blogged for awhile.
because there isn't much to blog about that wouldn't completely bore you and you and you to tears.
my life consists of dr appointments, watching tv shows with the hubby (because thats about the only activity my body will allow me to do), and tricking myself into thinking I'm going into labor every time i feel the slightest pain in any part of my body.
it's funny how when, in the bottom of the 9th, your greatest wish is to feel pain.
the infamous, take-your-breath-away kind of pain that is only associated with childbirth.

however a few cool things have happened. husband turning 23.
it was a great day. i got him a lot of orange things.
he is genuinely obsessed with the color orange.
like a little kid is obsessed with his newest toy.
it never gets old and he can never have too much orange!
orange socks, orange shoes, orange swim suits (not pictured: orange shorts, and an orange hoodie)
i had to settle for a blue frisbee. but that's ok because that's jeff's second favorite color :)
(notice my wrapping jobs, a towel, a paper towel, and a wal-mart sack. so classy)
he acted like he didn't care if i did anything for his birthday-
but he was plum tickled at the presents i got him and the dessert (recipe here) i made him.
he was one happy boy!
and a happy husband = happy wife.

we've still been going on lots of dates lately, although our options are waning everyday.
due to the fact that i can barely walk or do anything that requires physical exertion.
jeff has been quite the trooper, though.

piano guys concert// weddings& more weddings// 
our new favorite shaved ice// taking walks with our empty joke. we are pathetic

the other night he came home at 11, and i immediately burst into tears.
i was so sick of being home all day, everyday, alone.
really just one of those times when you have to go a little crazy to stay sane.
so he hugged me for a long time and then took me out and got me a frosty waffle cone and we drove up to the Y mountain parking lot and talked.
oh, how he saves my life and preserves my sanity.
love that boy.

we are trying to live up the last days of just us two.
at the same time, we are just so anxious for our newest addition!
"when is that little nugget gonna come out?" - jeff's most common phrase as of late.

the next time i post on here could very well be a birth announcement! eek!
until then- jeff and beached whale out.


  1. So stinkin excited for you! You guys will be the cutest of parents! Here's to hoping labor goes well for you =)

  2. i feel like i could have written half of this post haha cheers to the bottom of the ninth! 3 more weeks for me... can't wait to see your little lady :)

  3. Sooo that sno cone is massive. Andddd I am so glad you went to the piano concert. So exciting. Can't wait for your babes! So dang exciting.




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