Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 days

my baby is 10 days old. thats old enough for her umbilical cord stump to fall off. already signs of her growing up...right before my eyes. ok sorry- Im not about to be mushy and complain about my 10 day old baby not being new enough.

here are a few things i've learned about jane, and being a mother in general in these past 10 days.

+ every time she sneezes, she does it twice in a row. it is cute every stinkin' time.

+ her favorite time to pee or poop is the second i put a clean diaper under her bum after changing her dirty one. we've already gone through a big box of diapers.

+ newborn clothes are huge on her. she wears preemie clothes or used newborn clothes that have shrunken from being washed. her wardrobe is quite limited.

+ i swear she is an ANGEL baby. i haven't felt that overwhelming 'first time mom' exhaustion/depression/exasperation that so many women talk about so often. she cries when she is hungry which is every 2-3 hours. i feed her, change her, then we both go to sleep. it is a great system we got going. i seriously have nothing to complain about

---- i think this also has to with the fact that i have no other obligations in my life right now than to take care of her. talk to me in 3 months when my husband and i are both full-time students...haha.

+ the first few days of life she would only sleep if it was in my arms. but now she sometimes will sleep in her swing. i want her to learn how to sleep on her own, but it seriously is torture each time i put her down and walk away. i miss her 10 seconds's a problem.

+ whenever she is awake, she usually is sporting an extremely confused face. (see picture below) i like to try to imagine the thoughts circulating in her brain that help to produce her look of pure bewilderment. "what is this large pink and slimy thing in my mouth?", "why won't that weird bush woman stop staring at me?", "maybe if i start sucking thin air that heavenly white stuff will suddenly be in my mouth", "seriously...where the heck am i?"

+ she coughs sometimes. it halfway makes me laugh because it is so dang cute, half way throws me into a frenzied panic until i see she is breathing normally and not choking. i swear she does it just to watch her pathetic mother go crazy.

+ she has a lot of other cute faces she makes. its almost embarrassing how entertaining it is to us to just sit and look at her. hours upon hours of daily entertainment.

you are baby hungry now, right? 


  1. the collage of her faces! to die for. i need more pics!!! oh a newborn! mine will be coming around the mountain when september comes!!!! yay yay yay! love little jane oodles!

  2. My friends and I always joke that our ovaries ache whenever we see SUCH A CUTE BABY. :)

    Sidenote: You are TOTALLY my hero for doing this brand new baby while still in school thing... Wow you're amazing. I'm about halfway through grad school and my husband's still in probably about where Jeff is in school... it's going to be a huge leap of faith when decide to have a baby because I feel like I can barely control everything in my life as is! You're amazing.

  3. like i seriously get so excited every time you post! haha i feel like a freak!! but until my little one comes (which could be anytime between now and saturday) i am living vicariously through you. little jane is so precious and perfect!! i'm so happy for you and your new little family :)

    1. haha thats great. the few weeks before i had her, i also lived vicariously through a few bloggers who had newborns! it's so awesome, you will love it :) way excited for ya!

  4. seriously, she really looks like her daddy!!!

  5. My ovaries were definitely aching after this post.



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