Friday, June 14, 2013

first bath

jane's umbilical stump fell off which meant she was finally eligible for a real bath.
as opposed to the sponge/wipe bath i had been giving her.
yay for clean babies who can be slathered in baby lotion! 

i was hoping she would like the warm water.
uhm. she did not.
(this is jane's 'happy place' position. one hand in mouth, other hand in fist on cheek. it is pretty much to die for.)

the entirety of the bath lasted a whole 5 minutes but it seemed longer than that. she started screaming the second she touched the water, and didn't stop. (except for the 2 seconds where she managed to find her hand to suck on.) it was as if she was finally discovering the true potential of her lungs.
even though i changed her diaper right before, she also managed to poop. twice. she screamed even harder when we took her out to dump out the poopy water and fill it with clean water. and finally, she peed. after scrubbing her down, we were, at last, done and i wrapped her up in a towel, and she snuggled with me. and i got those little warm fuzzies in my tummy.
then she pooped on the towel.

i then changed her into a new pair of pajamas that took an awful lot of effort to put her in. putting clothes on newborns is hard work. like trying to dress an octopus hard. she then proceeded to puke an impressive amount of puke all over herself. and myself. 

and thats the story of her first bath. its funny how a newborn can poop all over, puke all over, cry anytime anything slightly bothers them, demand food in the middle of the night, and sleep all day; yet all we have to say about it is "oh my gosh that was so cute!!!!!!"


  1. When I first glanced at that first picture, I totally thought you were bathing your baby in an 11x11 tin baking pan hahahaha. Jane's first bath sounded like quite the adventure! I'm probably gonna jinx myself but I'm just gonna throw it out there and say that I've been doin this whole momma gig for 8 months now and have yet to be pooped on in the kudos to you!

    1. haha i can see how you thought it was a cookie sheet now that i look at it again. wow you are lucky adelyn has never pooped in the bath! jane seriously just poops whenever she gets mad. its like she has an endless supply...haha.



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