Monday, July 29, 2013


4 years ago i went to visit my grandparents in wyoming.
i ended up being invited to a sleepover with a bunch of girls.
 some of them i knew, but some of them i didn't.
one of them that i didn't know was becca, she had an infectious laugh and smile and was just the kind of person everyone wanted to be around. she was cooler than me. (still is)
we all sat in a circle and talked and giggled about college. 
although i didn't know her well, we decided it would be pretty cool to be roommates one day.
i kinda forgot about it after that.
but somehow, even though we had only really hung out randomly that one time,
a year later we were moving our stuff into our first dorm room at byu together.
the rest is history. 
we were insta- best friends and did SO MANY CRAZY things together.
in our minds, we were basically famous and really awesome.
we did whatever the heck we wanted to. 
we liked the same boy more than once. (they usually chose her. i don't blame them)
we stayed up talking til the wee hours of the morning countless times.
we laughed til we cried. everyday.
we made cookies every sunday.
and ate cheese and crackers every night at midnight. 
thus, we both successfully gained the freshman 15. 
we walked around byu like we owned the freaking place.
sometimes we sat in our room bitter and whiny about the fact that no boys had asked us out that weekend. 
we made way too many embarrassingly hilarious videos
we went to africa together. NBD.
i converted her to girly sing-songy music. and she converted me to spanish music.
(despite MUCH resistance on both ends.)
and we sang songs loudly for the whole campus to hear every night as we walked home from the library.
we shared our closets. i still miss that.
she taught me how to chill out and i taught her how to stress out. HA
we went on road trips and got lost each and every time. (also we are both terrifying drivers)
we got annoyed with each other sometimes, but in the end formed a friendship that i know will last a life time.

the first time i ever met BEN (her now husband) 2 years ago...i was so excited for her to get home.
why? because i HAD to tell her that i knew she would marry that boy one day.
i was right.
*patting myself on the back.*
also i freaking love ben. just saying.

I'm just going to throw in a little fun fact: becca and ben started dating before my husband and i started dating...and i had a 2 month old baby at their wedding...
I'm sure I'm just ASKING for everyone and their dog to judge me, but who cares? 
i think its pretty funny. and we are all happy so it's all good.
her wedding/my wedding :)

so now.... I'm going to award myself with a reward. "WORST PLACE" in the friend department.
that's the opposite of first place in case you were wondering.

i couldn't go to her wedding.
it might have something to do with being in colorado with a new baby and no husband.
...but i don't really want to talk about it.

i was able to pull my crap together enough to show up to her wyoming reception
(remember, this is where it all began for those of you with short term memory loss)
it was wonderful!

oh hi mariachi band.

i don't know if it is just me, but whenever i go to a wedding and am talking to the bride, i feel like i am talking to a celebrity. even after being her roommate for 2 years and talking to her more than i've talked to just about anyone else in the past 3 years- i still felt a bit star struck talking to her.

it might also have something to do with the fact that she also looked like a movie star.
anyways, i was lucky enough to be able to snag a picture with the hot couple.
i tried to look kind of bad at her reception.
i mean, its the right thing to do. you want the bride to look much better than you.
as you can see, it was a success.

and from the picture above, you can easily observe the fact that i also deserve WORST PLACE in the motherhood department.
seeing as it looks like i am basically abusing my baby.
i considered not putting this picture up because it really mocks my mothering skills.
but you know what? I'm not a perfect mother OR a perfect friend.
and this blog is about REAL life. 
it doesn't get more real (or embarrassing) than this.
but hey, at least jane and i are matching. that's worth something right??

moral of the story:
i love my best friend
and her husband.
everytime i think of them being married
i get a warm fuzzy feeling, because i know they are meant for each other
and i know they will have a happy life together. 
like, i really know it.
and even though i didn't prove to be a very good friend this past week,
im glad i have a lifetime to redeem myself.
life would suck if she wasn't my friend so I'm going to make sure she always is.

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  1. Dude your post made me laugh so hard hahaha and also you're not the worst friend you're my best friend :) I love you soooo much and I miss living with you and playing nerts and being crazy together :) thanks for writing that blog I'm gunna save it



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