Saturday, August 10, 2013

distance makes the heart grow fonder.

okay i was pretty darn fond of my husband when he left...
but i appreciate him so much more after being away from him for 7 weeks.
in case you were wondering...

well we were finally reunited.
and it feels sooooo good. (oh hey cliche song lyrics)
hugging him was so surreal.
as in- one of the top 3 moments of my life. MY LIFE.
and once again, my heart expanded even more than i thought it could.
love love love.
it was quite reminiscent of last year's blissful reunion.
ya this whole trying to describe it in words isn't really working out for me.
so i'll let pictures tell the story for me.

had to dress jane up for the occasion...and she obviously rocked the camo.
it would've been cooler if jeff was in his uniform when we picked him up...

this was the moment when i thought the butterflies were seriously going to explode out of my stomach.
giddy little school girl- i know how you feel. and then some

jane is telling her daddy all about her first two months of life that he missed out on.
"...and then.....i fell asleep!"

i kind of like my little family.
especially when we are all together.
be still my heart....


  1. Yay! So glad that is over for you! Those pictures are presh! :)

  2. Yay!! Welcome back Jeff, and I'm so happy for you Kerri :) you're little family is the cutest.
    Also, love with William is in the back of that one picture all chill on the phone while you guys are having the sweetest most tenderest moment.

  3. OH my goodness. Kerri you are so beautiful. Your family is beautiful. Love is beautiful!!

  4. greatest! i seriously got chills looking at your reunion pictures of hugging jeff. i'm so happy he is home and your little family is now complete :)



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