Friday, August 16, 2013

KISSING CAMELS and other fun things

so. the first time jeff came to colorado with me (when we were still dating), we went to garden of the gods and took a picture in front of this big orange rock called "kissing camels".
because, duh...there are 2 camels kissing and we were pretty into the whole kissing thing.
actually, confession...we hadn't even kissed yet, but we wanted to ;)
we decided to come back and re create this picture with our baby.
and this time we were sure to copy cat the camels and kiss our little hearts out.
who cares if tourists from all walks of life were walking by and gawking?
and also we picked the absolute worst time of day to go as you can plainly see by the horrific lighting.
but it's better than nothing.

this is one of the first things we did when jeff got back.
after that, we ditched jane (i tried not to cry) and left her with my mom so we could go on a date.
we went to the batting cages and PF changs.
the batting cages made us sore the next day but it was so fun and cheap.
pf changs made us swollen (in the stomach area if you know what i mean) and was NOT so cheap.
we actually didn't feel bad splurging because this sweet old man that jeff met in the airport on his way home gave him $100 bill after finding out he was in the the army and coming back from a 7 week leave. how nice is that?
 to top it off, when he handed it to him, he said "take your wife to dinner, and that's an order!"
that man just wins at life.

this past week with jeff and jane has been a whirlwind of excitement- there is lots more to document which i will do later but i must go calm my crying baby.


  1. FUN! PF Changs is my favorite place to splurge. I'm glad I got to see you for a few minutes in Utah!

  2. I recently found your blog, and I love reading it. You two and your daughter are adorable!

  3. that is so sweet of that guy to do!! Gives me hope in man kind! =) love reading your updates =) p.s. i'm a little surprised that Jeff visited your home land without even having kissed you yet! You got some talent woman! ;)

  4. Love that! What a sweet man to honor your husband's hard work for this country. :) There are good people out there! Also, your baby is absolutely beautiful!



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