Monday, August 19, 2013

and the white dress continues.

a year ago from yesterday i wore a big white dress and married the love of my life.
and yesterday in honor of  my white dress, my sweet daughter wore her first big white dress for her blessing day.
what a very happy day!
we woke up and jeff made me a delicious breakfast- bacon and eggs (with extra cheese).
he even wore an apron :)
he also got me a 2 pound bag of sour patch and a box of ferrero chocolates. pig wife.
then i showed him this video i made for him while our baby slept like an angel with a pot belly.

 we shared this i promise...

"i've always wanted to buy these for my wife ever since i was a little boy."
I was happy he bought me these because his sisters gave them to us on our wedding day and we never got to eat them because while we were on our cruise, raccoons got in to our car and ate them all. seriously.

anyways after the little anniversary mushiness in the morning, we started getting ourselves and jane ready for church. jane wasn't a fan of me putting that dress on her.
and to get any good  pictures we had to put her binky in her mouth, count to three, and on three we would quickly rip her binky out and take a picture before she realized it was out of her mouth and threw a fit. it is quite the delicate process.
there are a lot of pictures but i love them all so bear with me...
 ^^ this is how it really was....
i seriously love this girl.

my mom is so awesome. i texted her saturday morning that we would be blessing jane the next day. she hopped in her car 30 minutes later and drove to provo. she was here for less than 24 hours before she had to drive back. she gave us a generous anniversary gift. $100 bill (okay all of a sudden everyone is giving us not complaining though). she said "the 1 is for one year and the two 0's are for the two of you!" so clever. so yeah, next year i'm expecting a $200 bill mom... ;)
also jeff is embarrassed by me because i put my arm INside his suit jacket instead of outside in these pictures.
my bad. I'm just so classy.

the blessing jeff gave to jane was beautiful and my heart was so full. so many of our friends and some family were there to support us. I'm so grateful for all the people who love us AND our baby. jane is so loved and all she has to do is exist. afterwards we had everyone over for ice cream sandwiches (again, so classy) and talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other's company. oh, and also talked about how cute our baby is. ;)

jeff and i just feel like this year has brought more blessings than we ever could've imagined.
it was so fun reminiscing and watching our wedding video.
it has been the best year ever.

the day did end in sort of a downer though.
opposition in all things, ya know?
jeff and i thought we had a free gift certificate to grand america for a night- the swankiest hotel. ever.
so we were planning to stay there for a night this week as a late celebration.
well turns out, its not a gift card for a free have to buy a room first and then they would give you a free upgrade.
and the room cost $280. 

jeff wanted to go sit in a corner and cry like a 5 year old little boy. but instead he banged his hands on my keyboard like a 5 year old little boy.
and in his whiniest, most pathetic voice he whimpered:
"i can't even tell you how much i thought about going to that sweet hotel...probably at least every other day for a whole year!"
"UGH IM MAD. I need to watch something with guns right now because I'm so ticked off!"
and then he proceeded to type in "cool freaking guns" into the youtube search engine.

i guess you just can't have it all.


  1. Oh my gosh Jane is Jeff's little twin! Adorable!

  2. So glad we got to be there! And it really was fun talking after outside in the shade with everyone, and especially cause I got to hold Jane, without one of my kids even nagging me! haha Ice cream sandwiches were the perfect treat. Everyone loved them. I love your video and Jane looks so cute in the pictures!

    1. im so happy your family was there too kim! I'm bummed i didn't get pictures of everyone afterwards!



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