Thursday, July 4, 2013

one month!

my baby is one month old today and weighing in at a whopping 7 lbs 6 oz which really does seem ginormous to me at this point.
to celebrate, i made cupcakes of course.
then gave them all away so i don't get diabetes.
 homemade devil's food cake with oreo buttercream + homemade vanilla bean with homemade strawberry jam filling & strawberry whipped cream frosting.
recipe for oreo here, recipe for vanilla strawberry here.
when we get to heaven, id wager that these cupcakes will be sitting there, waiting to be eaten.
mm mm good. (only, much better than campbell's soup mm mm good)

anyways, here are some ways my life has changed in the past month:

+ at this point, i barely blink when i get barfed on. "NBD!!", i say to myself as i throw yet another blanket+baby outfit+my own shirt into the dirty clothes pile that is starting to give mount everest a run for its money.
+ the law of burp rags: when you don't have a burp rag on you, baby will spit up. when you do, baby will not.
+ jane sleeps like her mom. see picture above when she is sleeping with her arms flailed in her face. not pictured: wide open mouth that she is usually sporting as well.
+ she is a cuddle bug and is usually not fooled when i try to pass the boppy pillow off as a human.
+ i took her to the movie theaters. she slept the whole time. further evidence that a child is not the end of your life. unless, of course, your child is a little terror.
+ i consider a day productive if i manage to shower and get dressed. seriously it's like, wow what now?  might as well go conquer the world because i just got ready for the day with a newborn.
+ if a package weighs over 14 oz, the price triples. next time ill just eat some of the candy to make it lighter. #liveandlearn (ya this has nothing to do with having a newborn)
+ i never ever want to have the life experience of birthing a 10 lb + baby. like seriously, my baby will be that big at like 3 months. and i think all the moms who have done this deserve a moment of silence.
right. now.


+ i learned that one month old is not, in fact, too young to produce a full fledged blow out. (7/2/13- jane's first blow out. yay...her first...milestone?)
+ jane makes a wide array of noises. squeals, grunts, sighs. you name it and i've heard it. and then proceeded to ooh and ahh over each and every one of them.
+ i am capable of keeping another human being alive for a whole month, and really, i feel like that's a pretty dang good accomplishment.

lastly, i've learned the meaning behind all the mom cliche phrases.
like "they grow up so fast" and "oh i just LOVE my little one" and "it's so worth all the sacrifices"

this past month has allowed those phrases and many more to resonate in me until i feel like i might explode. the tender feeling i have towards my daughter are not ones that can be described. i kind of am annoyed at the english language. maybe there is another language where i can put these feelings into words?

i doubt it though.

so for now, i will have to stick with the phrases you have heard come out of every mother's mouth. and just revel in these feelings that i have inside of me, keep them for myself, and be grateful everyday for them.


  1. Those vanilla strawberry cupcakes look absolutely amazing!! I have pinched the recipe and hopefully when I have some spare time I will be baking up a storm...(or at least some passable cupcakes!)

    1. you really should! they are the yummiest things i have ever tasted!

  2. i can't believe how tiny she is!! haha she makes brooks look huge and i still think he is tiny. she is just precious :)

    1. i know people see her and say how tiny she is and ask how many DAYS old she is..even at 5 weeks! I'm like....uh i feel like she is huge! haha thats just because she was so ridiculously tiny when she was born. your little baby is so sweet and cute! babies are the best!!!



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