Tuesday, July 9, 2013


{i heart mission pictures}

i get annoyed with jeff sometimes because of his obsession with socks.
he has probably 50 pairs of socks, no exaggeration.
whenever he works out he wears two pairs at the same time.
and then after he works out he puts on a different pair.
so he goes through a minimum of 3 pairs a day.

so, the majority of the laundry i do is...socks.
i don't like matching socks, it is so long and tedious.
i will sometimes fold all the laundry and just leave the pile of socks on the floor for him to deal with because it is just so intimidating.

but right now, i wish i had some socks to wash and then match.
i wish i had orange shorts to pick up off the floor 10 times a day.
i want to hear that weird swishing-with-water-in-the-sink thing jeff does in the sink every night after he brushes his teeth while I'm waiting not so patiently for him to come cuddle with me and pray with me.
at this point, i would even be happy to see his leftover whiskers in the sink that he leaves in after he shaves.

all those things i usually groan about, i miss them.
because they mean jeff is here.
and jeff being here is the best part of my world.

he is the best thing.
i can't talk to him or see him right now. (thanks, army)
but the good thing is, every time i even think about him i just get so happy.
and it is still surreal that i am married to him.
and that i love him more than i thought possible,
and he loves me just as much. wow.

also my baby looks like him and i love it.

this whole marriage/baby thing still seems too good to be true.

and i can't wait to match socks again.


  1. Okay, this post was freakin cute.

    I admire you so much for being an army wife! I would seriously die. Keep plugging away and loving on that beautiful baby girl of yours and hopefully the time will go by quickly!

  2. Oh Kerri I feel for you! I think you are so strong. I really loved this post, because I relate to it. We married some sloppy men! haha. Oh I used to grumble about that a lot. (But I've realized he's never going to change.:)) But I say to myself that I'm so grateful to have someone to clean up after, rather than nobody and a clean room. Sending prayers your way!

  3. Ahhh my husband has this thing about socks, too! I swear, I never knew one person could go through so many dang socks!

    Stay strong, being a military spouse is rough, I'm sure! But look at the bright side - you've probably learned to treasure those little moments a lot more than the rest of us have!

  4. This post made me smile. I actually just posted about my husband being away too! http://webbnewlyweds.blogspot.com/2013/07/toothbrush.html He's gone for three months, and I HATE it. Let me know if you find a magic way to make time go faster.

  5. My husband has this grocery bag of "good socks that I don't use because they're extra but I can't get rid of because they're practically new" that sits in the corner of our room under the quilt rack... pretty sure it'll tag along with us for the rest of our lives. :)

    I hope you're doing well and that that cute baby of yours is keeping you good company til Jeff gets home. :)



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