Saturday, October 12, 2013

a post that is unintentionally centered on food.

1. Jane went to bed at 8 for the first time about a week ago. We celebrated by asking some kind neighbors to sit in our apartment for 20 minutes and going on an ice cream run. We ran out of our apartment like giddy teenagers sneaking out of school. Heel clicks included. Then we jammed to the radio full blast all the way there. like a bunch of crazy heads.

2. After we got home and finished our ice cream, we found out that panda was giving out free entrees! FREE and panda is one combination that we can never pass up. So, jeff ventured out alone (2 getaways in one night would've been too good to be true) to get us panda. He coerced the worker lady to give us two since his "poor sick wife was at home with the baby." true. except for the sick part.

3. jane and jeff are becoming the best of buddies and it warms my little heart.

4. Jane tried rice cereal because my mommy instincts were screaming "give the baby more calories!!" Well, it was time. She gobbled the heck out of that stuff. AND she doesn't even spit it back out that much. It was so natural for her; the gobbling. she takes after her mother.

5. Kim, the superstar sister-in-law, offered to watch jane so we could go see the BYU spectacular. We ended up going to dinner at drumrolll...BRICK OVEN. The result was a food baby for each of us. Then the BYU spectacular was awesome. It had some definite emotional repercussions for me though. i don't do well with "people dying" stories. The closing performance was "Don't Cry."  Jeff said  "Kerri they were singing 'Don't Cry' but you didn't listen to them very well." no. i didn't.
anyways, it really was amazing. and it was so nice to spend an evening with my handsome hubby. i love him.

and yes i have creepy raccoon eyes. you'll get over it eventually.

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