Sunday, October 6, 2013

the government shutdown can't shut US down.

"let me explain it to you this way. It's like when you want to play candy crush and your husband wants to play words with friends, so as a compromise- you shut down the government." - ellen

ok so this post has really nothing to do with the government shutdown. i mean i suppose it did affect us- but actually in a good way. (am i allowed to say that?) jeff was supposed to leave me this weekend to go to a big competition for his ranger challenge team but because of the government shutdown, it was cancelled. so instead of being alone all weekend, i got to hang out with my family and watch conference. (i'll talk about that later) anyways, what i am really trying to say is... we went and took pictures up in the mountains. mountains that are obviously not funded by the government....
alright, now this actually is starting to be about the government shutdown, so. i'll stop myself and let our country continue to spin madly on.

anyways, let's talk about fall. aka the "trendy" season. "OH MY GOSH I LOVE FALL" said every blogger ever. i don't get the hype. i mean yay, purple leaves. i like my purple leaves and all, but does utah even really have fall? umm no. one day it was summer and i was sweating up a swimming pool in my un air-conditioned apartment and then the next day it was winter and i was shopping for warm coats on amazon. face's winter with purple leaves. also, pumpkin flavored everything just does not float my boat. not even a little bit. that being said, jeffrey and i still decided to give "fall" a proper welcome. we drove up into provo canyon and snapped some pictures. it was really cold because, winter. but hey- there were colorful leaves. the scenery was breathtaking but still paled into comparison to my daughter's big beautiful eyes and my husband's melt-into-a-puddle smile. a combination of the three? almost too much to handle. 

man, i really like my family. jeffrey made me laugh the whole drive up, and he made me laugh the whole time there and the whole way back. (he's also making me laugh right now in case you were wondering) i don't remember the things he said to make me laugh, but i remember he made me laugh. a lot. and it's such a simple sunday afternoon activity- but one i will remember forever. one that made my love cup overflow. and ya know, when you have a lovely afternoon like this one with your family, sappiness is inevitable. so, there you go.

those are MY people :)

"turn her around" - me 
"let me guess you want to make sure her ruffle bum is in the picture.." - jeff
so he made it easier for everyone and pointed to the ruffles. but they are cute, no?
^^ obsessed. more than a little bit ^^
 ^^ these 2 pictures above? i asked jeff which one was better so i could delete one of them. he said "they are the same dang thing!" and when i persisted he just closed his eyes, shook his head and said "no, I'm not looking I'm not looking at that." get both.
 ^^not really sure if this picture is cute or just weird. i'll let you decide for yourself.  she does sport this look quite often. ^^

and I'm going to wrap this blog post up because jeff says he is going to "scrape the paint off of my toenails if i don't stop right now"


  1. Seeing how big Jane is getting helps me be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel of more sleep! But sitting in the backseat singing primary songs to her with chase on the drive home from my in laws made me realize how much I really do love her stage right now. Being a mom is a miracle!

  2. soooo my dearest niece kerri, can't help but notice after you talked about the cold that you and Jeff are in coats and your baby isn't haha, are your guys wimpy and its not so cold or is your baby a heater baby like mine and stays warm despite my own coldness?

    1. i knew someone would catch me on that! haha. it actually wasn't too cold...i was being dramatic and trying to prove a point. but we did have a blanket for her that we cuddled her in when we weren't taking pictures. and we were only outside for like 15 minutes. probably not one of my finest mommy moments...but she didn't seem to be cold :)

    2. figured you had a blankie. and she didnt look cold so i thought id raz you a bit :) love you!

  3. Oh my gosh your baby is so beautiful! Just found your blog through another. Darling family! I'm a new mom too, well he just turned a year! They grow wayyyy too fast! Newest follower! xo

    1. thanks! i just looked at yours and your baby is one of the most beautiful children i've ever seen!! SO CUTE! it really is crazy how fast they grow! like, ridiculous.

  4. I love fall, but you are kinda right....there is summer and winter around these parts. You are so funny, and I love reading your blog. That is saying something, because I hate BLOGGERS!!!!! yours is the ONLY one I read.

  5. You two are hilarious! And Jane's eyes are looking so blue, i love it!



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