Friday, October 4, 2013

happy 4 months janie girl!

she decided to celebrate by clapping her feet together in the bath tub for a solid 10 minutes and then proceeded to scream bloody murder every 30 minutes throughout the entire night! way to start your 4th month off right, jane!

it also could just be her way of protesting the less than stellar weather we've been having. she's a summer baby and that's the end of it.

^^ you can tell by this picture that she rules the roost around here and she knows it ^^
4 months isn't that much different from 3 months. the biggest difference is that she is learning much better how to work the system. to smile at just the right times so your heart has no choice but to be melted, and to scream and cry and give a pathetic pouty face so that you can't possibly walk by without being sucked in and picking her up. ha! i love her.



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