Wednesday, October 2, 2013

using a hot glue gun on my baby's head. like a champ.

the other day i was talking with some moms in my apartment complex about hair bows. I was telling them how I make a lot of my own hair bows by buying some cute flowers and hot glueing them onto a headband. Well, without me realizing, they quickly switched the topic to glueing little bows onto their baby's head with a glue stick. One of the moms said "i've never been able to glue bows onto my baby's head." I then chimed in all chipper and asked "Have you tried a hot glue gun?"

i was talking about hot glueing the hair bow onto a headband.
they were talking about glueing with a glue stick straight onto the baby's head.
so, they thought i was saying i used a hot glue gun on my baby's head to glue a bow on.

audible gasps all around.

after giving myself a very sarcastic pat on the back, i explained myself. but i don't feel like i completely redeemed myself. 
so, next time they are having this conversation i'll make sure to tell them about this stuff i found called girlie glue.
It is specifically made for glueing little bows and flowers onto baby's heads.
It is made of AGAVE NECTAR and all other natural ingredients, and in my opinion, is much better than just using a glue stick. (see, i don't suck! look at me being all natural and organic and stuff)
it washes out super easily but it holds up really well. best of both worlds. those things are on jane's head and they are there to STAY! let me tell ya....

maybe i can tell my friends about this stuff and they will no longer think i abuse my child with a hot glue gun, and that i have some sense in my brain after all.

one flower... two flowers.... oh- endless possibilities. HA!

if you want to get some, which i highly recommend, you can head over here. i love that they also have cute felt flowers like the one seen above. so simple, so cute. i am such a sucker for cute baby girl hair accessories, it's one of my biggest weaknesses. and now I'm a convert to all natural hair glue...yep. girlie glue has won me over.


  1. How cute! I'll definitely be pinning that site for the future. THanks girly! And that story is so funny. I'm glad you realized that before you explained yourself. haha!!

  2. I laughed so hard as I read this! I dont have kids or anything but I am going to have to keep this glue in mind for when i do! So clever... so glad it wasnt around when i was little or my mom might have bedazzled my whole head... which isn't that bad of an idea :-) jk. Sort of.

  3. love the girly glue idea, thats awesome. I had to use karo syrup with my girls.

  4. did you buy that glue from a little lady shop??!

    1. nope! :) i don't think i know what a little lady shop is....oops! I'm lame. ha

  5. So Cute! Love the photos! I LOVE Girlie Glue too. Works WAY better than the Karo syrup, or KY jelly people suggested I try! They stay on forever! I love the felt flowers! Did you make them? I use girlie glue all the time but I need some of those flowers!
    Karen T.

    1. no i didn't make them...although they would probably be very easy to make! just cut and glue felt from hobby lobby. i got the flowers from the same website that sells girlie glue. :) they have little felt bows too. really cute!



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