Monday, October 14, 2013

ok i take it back

fall is pretty alright...
and utah, you are sneaky because you actually ended up giving us a pretty nice one this year.

i still don't like pumpkin though.
and i don't have 9 pairs of boots like every other girl on campus.
but hey! id rather have a baby than 9 pairs of boots, so.

i take back my hating on fall rant.
so... hi, fall. it's nice to see you. really.

these were taken out in spanish fork canyon and i was in awe over the rainbow mountains. my husband took me shooting for the first time with a bunch of his friends. i was worried about jane's ears but we hooked her up with the most thorough sound protection that exists. obviously. and i feel like i should mention that i shot 3 different guns and destroyed like, 5 clay pigeons. and a sprite bottle.  jeff was so proud. i think i saw a tear brimming, even.

clay pigeons, if you don't know, are pottery things that exist solely to be destroyed by guns. those poor little pieces of pottery never had a chance.

and although i am just finally getting around to giving fall a proper 'welcome', i also feel it necessary to give it a proper farewell. 
because, as i type, it is about 30 degrees outside and i had to scrape ice off of my windshield this morning which easily ranks in the top 5 least favorite things to do in the history of the world.
anyways, we did have a nice fall but i fear that winter is rearing its ugly head. starting today.
and the only remedy that I'm aware of? christmas music. 


  1. cutest baby. Fall is beautiful, your picture captures is perfectly!

    1. thanks :) the pictures look a little weird but i didn't edit them at all, it was a very colorful day! :)

  2. I am a fall lover. That's for sure. Also, you look beautiful!

  3. haha her earmuffs are the best!! and i am the same way.. i feel like i spend more money shopping for baby shoes and clothes than buying things for myself. tiny human things are just so cute!

  4. love the way you write =) Glad you've reconsidered fall! It's my favorite and I am crossing my fingers we still have at least a few more weeks of it! Stay away winter!



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