Monday, October 28, 2013

LEAVES ARE LEAVING and semi-related ramblings

for the past couple weeks i have thoroughly enjoyed opening up my window because a huge tree with brilliant yellow-orange colored leaves is what awaits me.

seriously? are you jealous or what?
i've been dying to take family pictures before all the leaves fall off the trees.
but i don't think it will happen, because the leaves are leaving their trees.
we are still taking family pictures this week just like every other family on the planet- leaves just may not play a part in them. 
so i decided to make up for it by letting jane "play" in her first leaf pile.
a leaf pile formed from the leaves that used to be on my happy window tree that are now on the ground.

she was obviously only really interested in finding the biggest leaf of them all and stuffing it into her mouth. and i couldn't get her to smile because she was too busy being absolutely bewildered by the bed of leaves that were suddenly taking over her life. but i still think these pictures are pretty dang cute.

the mini leaves photoshoot happened on our way home from church so all the families who were walking past us to get into their apartments were probably a little turned off by the fact that we were kicking a bunch of the leaves into a pile and then plopping jane right in the center of it and taking pictures.
 it is what it is.

so anyways, hopefully family pictures end up happening this week because i already bought jane a new outfit for them. i bought it online while my husband was gone- without telling him. and in the moment i always tell myself he won't figure it out and i can get away with it but then i always end up blurting it out to him and getting a gentle yet firm stare down. this particular instance i was walking out the door to go somewhere when i blurted out: 
"i have a confession..." 
"what did you buy?" 
he said in a here we go again kind of tone.
disclaimer, i really don't buy very many things. I'm not a spender. in fact, I'm more frugal than jeff on most things. he just knows that most of my "confessions" have to do with money. mostly because he has 2-3 "confessions" a day too. what I'm trying to say is, the word confession in our house translates into either "i bought jane a new outfit"(me) or "i bought taco bell and a candy bar today on campus" (jeff)
but really, she needs a new outfit because its becoming winter and she will freeze in those summer-y little rompers. (my excuse is always better than his)


  1. We had the same thing with Hayden, put him on the grass with leaves on it and it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get him to look up, he was inthrawled with the leaves. It took all 8 of us making noise and being crazy to get him to look up for a few seconds to finally get a good picture. :) Wonder what its like to have every thing you look at be new and exciting...

  2. You are so funny. I'm jealous of the leaves! All we really have around here are cacti to fall into... And that doesn't sound very comfortable.

    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  3. those leaves behind are beautiful!

  4. Such CUTE pictures. That little Jane is a doll!
    I'm your newest follower via GFC and I just love your blog :)




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