Tuesday, October 22, 2013

surrounded by angels

"God often answers our prayers through the actions of others. By the same token, we ought to live in such a way that He can use us to answer prayers for them."
- Jeffrey R. Holland

yesterday morning i woke up reluctantly because i knew it would be a long, near impossible week to get through. i have three tests this week. THREE. (oh and two huge papers) and my baby- she just wants to play with me all day long. turns out, that's what i want to do too. but it can't always happen. i made a meal plan and did some preparation in advance so we would't starve. but i still didn't know how everything i needed to do would get done.

somehow, Heavenly Father is always so keenly aware of my struggles. he wants to bless me and help me with this because I'm doing what He wants me to do- being a mom. It's like He is sitting up in heaven waiting for a giant obstacle to come my way just so He can help me with it and ease my burdens. He sends me angels.

my sister-in-law kim and my friend hannah watch jane every week for me for a couple hours so i can go to one of my classes. tender mercy #1. my mom came this weekend and helped with meal-planning, and... everything else in the world. #2. then one of my teachers decided to extend the test all the way until next week. #3. then a friend in my ward came over with cookies and asked if she could make me dinner one night.. she did the whole mom in school with a baby too, and she gets it. #4. I got a text from my visiting teacher that said "i'm free at this time, this time, and this time- can i watch jane for you?" #5. I ALSO got a message on Facebook from a friend begging me to let her watch jane for free because she is baby deprived and needs to play with a baby. #6. Last but not least- my upstairs neighbor Becca is just like, unreal. She came over one day to introduce herself and ended up staying and helping me organize and clean my apartment. i feel like a new woman. 6 hours, you guys. she was here for 6 hours. who knew someone could have superhuman organization powers? also, I'm sick today and she came over and vacuumed and did my dishes, just because she 'felt like it'. i think this counts as #7, #8, #9, and #10.
i could keep going, but i think you get the idea.

I am surrounded by angels. Angels who are persuaded and prompted by my loving Father in Heaven.

Also, let me just say that it is hard to ever be stressed or frustrated when i have my sweet daughter smiling up at me 24/7. which, by the way, it may sound like I'm always handing her off to people, but really its only about 4 hours a week. 6 tops. anyways, i love her more everyday! she just makes me so happy. i don't regret for one second having a baby while still in school. jane packs my life with joy and fulfillment- it's way better than it was without her. AND....I'm not just saying that.
 I have a loving husband who is always willing to help- this deserves a post in and of itself. He is my favorite angel of them all.

I am truly, truly living the dream. It may not be everyone's dream but it is certainly my dream!


  1. made me tear up a little :) So glad you have such great angels around you! What an amazing week it turned out to be, love it!

  2. I think you in turn were an answer to my prayers today. With all you have going on, you're still planning on "mums" and you took the time to text me that thoughtful text! Thanks! Xoxo

  3. Oh, Kerri, this is fantastic! I'm hoping that once I'm married and join my soon-to-be husband on base in Arizona, our ward will be just as friendly! I've yet to meet a mean person in any ward I've ever been in, but I always worry nonetheless. It's amazing how Heavenly Father helps us always though, isn't it?!


  4. Your positivity is so inspiring. I love it. You are an amazing girl.



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