Tuesday, November 5, 2013

you're my whole world and i'm yours

i know some moms are a little bit eager for their babies to grow up so that they can be more independent. and i'm excited to watch my daughter grow into a brilliant human being; but i'd rather her just stay a baby. i can handle the physical challenges in being a parent much better than i will be able to handle the emotional challenges in being a parent- the ones that will inevitably present themselves later on. "mom, you are embarrassing and wrong!"
guys i'm so scared for teenagers. i know its awhile away but...yikes.

right now,
jane is my whole world and I'm hers.

and i really wish it could stay that way forever.

ps- the fact that she is cuddling with me in this picture is a downright miracle, a tender moment that needed to be captured. i did not produce a cuddler. :(


  1. Hayden refuses to cuddle too, so sad :( I miss the days when they couldn't move well and they just lay on you all day. Oh and you shouldn't fear teenagers, I've got a few now and its not all that bad, its pretty fun actually :)

  2. Gorgeous picture! I need to see her again! She's getting so big, so fast!

  3. i need one baby to stay at each month and never grow up, because i love each stage so much. haha

    1. i TOTALLY agree!! every stage is so fun :) i love her smiles and giggles but i miss her cuddling on my chest with her little bum sticking out. haha



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