Thursday, November 7, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

look i can count to five! and if time keeps going by this fast, jane will be able to count to five too, like- tomorrow. anyways, jane (or "Join" as my niece eliza call her) is a whopping 5 months old now. to celebrate, we took pictures in the leaves (again). my good friend was kind enough to take the pictures for me out in front of our apartment complex. and by the end, a whole swarm of moms were gathered around trying to get jane to look at the camera. this is not a task meant for the faint of heart.

 (model baby?)

anyways. here are 5 things jane related.

1. her favorite thing to do is play with a plastic bag with candies in it. CALM DOWN, i watch her very closely so she won't suffocate herself. but she loves it. any plastic bag will do, actually. I don't plan on buying her very many toys because she can be just as entertained with household items. seriously.

2. the other day i was on campus with jane. (she loves it there, it is her second home obviously) i was planning on being there for awhile. but then jane decided to explode in her diaper. and guess what? that was the one day that i forgot to bring the diaper bag. also happened to be the only time i've ever actually needed  the diaper bag on campus. awesome. so i had to walk her home to get a diaper. usually it's a 10 minute walk. but jane was NOT fond of sitting in her stroller. (can't blame her, i wouldn't be a fan of sitting in my own stink either) so i picked her up and carried her home. i had her in one arm, and was pushing the heavy stroller with the other arm. it took 25 minutes and it sucked but also i loved it because i felt like such a mom. i will remind her of this one day when she is being a stinky teenager.

pretty sure my arms are ripped now because of it, too.

3. jane's first halloween! that happened. don't have much to say for it except for i let her lick one of my werther's originals. i mean, it's halloween i figured there was no better time to introduce her to candy. don't worry though she forgot all about it and is still crazy about her nasty pureed squash.

4. the one thing that calms jane down when she is going bonkers? putting a binky in her mouth and tossing a soft blanket over her face.. it has to be covering her face. and then- silence. golden silence. she pulls it off her face after a couple seconds but by the time she does, she forgot why she was crying in the first place.

5. she's a bad sleeper at night. i pretend like it annoys me but it doesn't really. i love feeding her at night.   i love that she needs me and wants me. it won't always be like that, you know.


  1. Okay, she is stinkin adorable! You did good Kerri :)

  2. oh my gosh she's so pretty!! She's the perfect mix of you and Jeff-and it makes me miss you guys! Keep the pictures coming :)



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