Monday, November 11, 2013

short and sweet

We went to arizona this weekend. Wait, didn't we just barely go there? Yes, yes we did. But this time it was for a wedding- my cousin bailey's. Remember how her missionary got home last time i was there? Ya, they wasted zero time. We left on friday and embarked on a long journey in a tiny little rental car that was ironically a Ford "Fiesta". We requested another car but they didn't have it when we needed it so the car lady was like "this car will work just fine- and just THINK! it's called a Fiesta so it will be a party!"

...NO. we drove for 11 hours in that tiny car with rock hard seats. also i was sick. i love road trips, but that one was just not my favorite, and it most certainly was not a party. we arrived late friday night and lit and released some awesome "Tangled" lanterns.  I'm sure those floating lanterns made some random person's night.

The next day was wedding bliss! Wedding, luncheon, reception. Ya know, it was an all day thing. But it was wonderful! I love weddings. And dare i say, it was very much worth the trip. I'm so glad I have exactly one picture that proves I was actually at a wedding. Jane had a meltdown outside the temple so I was a little busy...nursing her behind a random tree on the temple grounds while my husband blocked me. (shhh)

^^ did i mention it was 85 degrees?? ^^

Before we had time to blink or even remotely recover from the torturous road trip the day before, it was time to drive back....allllll over again. We left sunday morning and got home late that night. 12 hours this time. But we tried to spice things up and make it more enjoyable for ourselves. We made a stop in the Grand Canyon. It was breathtaking. Jeff was in heaven scouring every single one of the 'history of the grand canyon' signs all around. Jane was basically naked I know. We can attribute her lack of clothing to the blow out she had 3 hours into the road trip. (can't have a road trip without a blowout, it just wouldn't be the same) It was the gnarliest blowout she has ever produced. So lovely.
We also stopped at Jacob Lake. It's this cute little shop tucked into the middle of the forest. and they have the best cookies known to man.
^^ real high quality (iPhone) pictures, eh? ^^ 

We made a few other stops to break it up and i even got spinach on my Subway sandwich. This was my sad, pathetic attempt at making up for the junk i stuffed my poor, sick body with that whole weekend.

Now onto the upcoming 20 hours road trip to texas in two weeks....


  1. ugh, roadtrips are the worst in my opinion. I know they're more cost effective....but seriously? A ford fiesta? I am sooo sorry. Better luck on the next one!

    My Wholesome Home

  2. Thats the worst but your baby is still adorable!

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