Wednesday, April 2, 2014

at its finest.

i was playing with jane on my bed. we were reading books, and then she was climbing on me and pausing occasionally to give me a wet, open mouthed kiss (the best!). She was laughing and kicking her little limbs in pure joy. It was one of those moments, you know, that make life worth living.

but then i had to go to the bathroom and her life, in one moment, was shattered. her whole world turned upside down. i closed the door. 10 seconds later she is banging on the door desperately with her hands and crying out in misery and endless woe. how could she leave me and just shut. the. door?! i came out and she continued to punish me for my actions with shrieks and moans and ridiculously faked whimpers for the next ten minutes.
(keeping a close eye on me so i don't ruin her life by going to the bathroom, again)

But it was when i was in the bathroom, trying unsuccessfully to have even 10 seconds of privacy, that i realized: this is motherhood at its finest. And i am full to the very brim with gratitude that i get to experience that everyday.

(and also, sorry mom.)

anyways, i gotta go spend half of our annual income on a can of formula. l8er.

1 comment:

  1. The flower in her hair!!!!! Aaaah!!! I just died a little. SO CUTE.



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