Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"Honey, was I this stressed last time we moved?"
"Yea...but I thought it was just because you were pregnant..."

Holy COW.
I really did lose my marbles a little bit.
Last week I was being suffocated by a dark thick cloud of stress. 
I graduated COLLEGE. 

I MOVED. (Hi, aurora nice to meet you)
= cleaning and packing 
and cleaning and packing
and packing. 
(and taking breaks to nap on the floor 
because your bed is in storage already)

= runnning. lots of it.

And the week from stress city (and actually the entire school year) all came to a beautiful and triumphant head the second i crossed that finish line, holding hands with my sweet husband. we made it! it was so cheesily metaphorical. it even rained for every second of the race. when it rains it pours and all that jazz. seriously, so many metaphors could be happening right now but i think you get it. 
this was before the race started. you can imagine how badly we wanted to get out of the car.....

here are some watermarked pictures of the actual race:
this was one of the only times i was running alone because jeff had to stop to go to the bathroom and then he caught up with me (of course)

and after:
 we were so cold afterwards and it took some serious bribing to get jeff to take these pictures.

oh yeah, and even though my husband's hips hurt from going so slow, he ran with his sloth-like wife and helped me to beat my last half marathon time, cheering me on the whole time- for 2 hours 13 minutes. (slow i know but #WHOCARES) I didn't stop running once. There were times when i wanted to cry and kiss him and thank him profusely for motivating me and cheering me on; and then there were times when i yelled: "ok! stop talking to me right now or i'm going to punch you and walk up this blasted hill."

right after we finished the half, we packed up the rest of our stuff (my dad helped us and i was so grateful), said goodbye to kim (sad sad sad), and took off in our U-haul for Aurora, CO. The usually 8 hour drive took us 11 hours and there was so. much. pain involved in that drive. Just try running 13 miles and then promptly sitting in a car for 11 hours one day, and then you will understand. The only redeeming event that happened was when we finally rolled in at 1 am, 5 strong and heaven sent guys, who are working with jeff this summer, helped us move in all of our stuff. I literally wanted to kiss them all. But instead I just said thank you 26 times. 

so yeah! it's all over. we are moved. and i am an official stay at home mom. AND I LOVE IT!

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  1. I love this! Congrats on graduating college and on running a half marathon AND moving! You are awesome. My husband and I ran a half marathon together the first year we were married, and we were stupid enough to drive home right after. Our drive was only 8 hours, but it turned into probably 10 or 11 because the pain was so great and we had to stop like every other exit to stretch our poor legs. Chalk that up to the stupidest thing I ever did. Anyway, I hope your new place is treating you well and that things are settling down!

  2. I liked this post. I love your conversations! I can't believe you just ran half a marathon. Super impressive! Congrats on graduating too. Gosh you are wonder woman!!

  3. That is so nice that he did that with you! I did a fun run with my man once and it did not go well lol, but it sure was memorable. We're moving soon and I am sooo not looking forward to it. Luckily we don't have to rush because we don't have to be out of where we are by any certain time.

  4. Congrats dear!! Fantastic pictures! :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, gfc, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know where you follow and I will follow back right away!! :)

    Happy Sunday!

  5. wow I hope you find time to breathe soon!



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