Tuesday, September 30, 2014

end of september (what?!) thoughts

let's talk about some things. like how it is basically fall already. i'm not as obsessed with fall as most of the girls around here but i'm not a hater either. truly, i'm a summer girl, a sunshine lover, which makes fall a double edged sword. the beauty of fall, especially in utah, is incomparable to most of the beauties of this earth. it emanates from multi-colored leaves and seeps into my soul, instilling a sense of confidence and gratitude and bravery, like i can conquer the world; all while wearing my favorite cardigan. nature is slowly and gorgeously retiring for a season, while leaving me to feel as if i have a fresh, clean slate. why changing leaves and crisp, refreshing air can make me feel so many things, i will never know.

the other side of the sword though? fall is a slippery slope into the doom and gloomy days of winter. no, no, no, i will never vouch for winter. you have to wears shoes and socks like, everyday. ugh. and the option of playing outside all day long with your baby no longer exists. unless you want to spend like 2 hours bundling up, just to go outside and get a red, runny nose and think yeah, not worth it, let's go inside.

fall is a doubled edged sword.

i'm already starting to get creative with entertaining my child indoors. can we talk about how i sat there and threw a basketball at my head yesterday, repeatedly, just to get a little chuckle out of her? I'm afraid for myself and what other head-ache inducing activities i will subject myself to in the coming months.

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  1. Oh man this is all so true!! You say it so well. :) Good Mom entertaining like that!



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