Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Few Questions For You All...

Do you think if the girl who I met at EFY when I was 14 would be extremely creeped out if she knew I hunted down her blog and read it religiously? We weren't even really friends...

Am I really that friend? The one who texts 4 different friends on the same day and doesn't get a reply from any of them. I'm even annoyed by me. yikes.

Can someone please come watch gilmore girls with me? And when I mean someone, I mean a girl who appreciates quick wit humor like I do.

Do you want to get a foot zone? It's really cool. Email me or call me about it if you want to..or if you just want to learn more. Or just learn nothing and call me a witch doctor, because that's what some people do, too. Whatever suits you.

Want to go ahead and call me a crazy OIL lady too? Because, I've totally jumped aboard the essential oil bandwagon as well. But not the stinky oils...guh-ross.

Jane, remember the 2 hour cuddle session you gave me last christmas? You are welcome to give me the same gift this year.

Is this real life? because my brother gets home from his 2 year (seemed like 10 year) mission in less than 3 weeks. peeing in my pants............!!!!!!!!!!! oh and my sister and I are going to make homemade exfoliating face wash because we are both weird like that.

Hey Jeff, will you please get an 'A' on the test you are currently taking? Because I said you could buy yourself (and me) a treat if you do, and I really want a treat.

(a mint brownie from the creamery or a bag of sour gummy worms would really hit the spot.)


  1. We all have weird, creepy things like the first one, right? I mean, I sure do so....

    I would watch Gilmore Girls with you.

    And what on Earth is a foot zone?

    1. yeah, i purposely chose to commit all the other creepy things. ha!

      foot zoning is a natural healing tool. I'm taking the class to learn it right now, and it is super cool! Your foot has signals to every part of your body (body parts, including bones, organs, and systems) and as a foot zoner, you take the foot and work on all the areas...some people call it a fancy foot massage, but it does more a lot more good:) so it basically helps your body to heal itself. It's like your feet are the keyboard and your body is the computer. (i know sounds weird, but even in the 2 months i've been doing it i've seen amazing things.) It can help with so many things like infertility, depression, anxiety, sickness, broken bones, overall mood, hormonal balance, quick recovery from surgery/other injury, emotional release, internal organ problems....just so many things.

      haha...long winded and i doubt you were expecting such a long answer but there ya go. (and i could've gone on for even longer, so you're welcome ;)

    2. also, if you want to be foot zoned, text me and i will foot zone you any time (for real!!)

  2. I don't think it is creepy at all! I do the same TBH. Maybe that is why we read each other's blogs? We're good at creeping?

    I've always been better at keeping in contact with my friends. I hardly hear from any of them first, I usually always initiate first... I know how you feel!

    Also I only got a couple seasons into Gilmore Girls in college, and have wanted to start watching it again! Maybe I should...

    I think foot zoning sounds cool!! I know it helped a girl get pregnant, and figured out there was something wrong.

    I think I've told you this before and I know you've heard it a lot but you and your brother look like twins!!! Holy cow!

  3. Your brother is your twin I think. It's pretty crazy. Ok, what are you doing Saturday night? Because really, I have a plan.....sour gummy worms, gilmore girls, jammies, 7:30pm if our kiddos want to be really really great for us. What do you think?



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