Friday, October 31, 2014

Neverending Festivities

I decided to not have Halloween or Pumpkin in the title of this post because then you would get it confused with the one million and twenty billion other blog posts with those titles this week. Not complaining though- you can never go wrong with cute costumes and pumpkin patching it up. And most importantly, you definitely can never go wrong with pumpkin bread.

Fun facts about this halloween week and life in general:
- Anyone who really thinks Halloween is on October 31st is sadly mistaken. It's actually October 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st. Whoa, that's a lot of halloweens.

 - I mean, party after party after party! And my baby is only 17 months. There can never be too many costume parties though, heaven knows we are always looking for things to do to entertain the child.

- Jane became the most beloved person at all said parties, turns out kids are kind of really obsessed with Olaf. There was a little girl dressed as Anna at one of the parties and she followed jane around everywhere.

- Free kids jamba juices on halloween. Something about the promotion of stuffing your child's body with something other than candy on this sugar-filled day. Full support from yours truly.

- Halloween (or should i say, halloween week) is just the jumpstart to the most wonderful holiday season. It's basically never-ending until january first. BOO-YAH! Commence the christmas shopping! That little tingly feeling which accompanies the holiday season is making itself comfortable in my stomach. I'm embracing this feeling rather than thinking about how cold it is about to be....

- We bought a big old bag of candy for a trunk or treat at our church that ended up not happening. oh wait...I just learned that it did in fact happen but we left early...(we are the epitome of party, let me tell ya) So I was hoping to give a lot of candy away to trick-or-treaters. 3 kids total. We are so not the "it" place for trick or treating.

- I've been doing the insanity program. I haven't missed a day yet. and I think if I have to do another dang squat, my bum might fall off. But here I am, about to do another workout. I can do 3 push-ups now. (and yes, for me that is impressive. what kind of army wife can't do push-ups?) Fun fact: my grandma who is almost 70 years old does 100 pushups every night before she goes to bed. My role model...

this went from halloween to push-ups real quick. Let's get back on track...

 Here are some pictures of jane prancing through the leaves, eating her first halloween candy and LOVING it, carrying her candy bucket (sand box bucket), and dancing to some music while she does so.

she. is. cute.

And there you have it. Now I can say I've blogged about Jane's first halloween. Well, not technically her first, but it was the first halloween where she understood the concept of candy and all of its wonder.

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  1. She is SUPER cute!!! you did an awesome job on her costume, I'm impressed!! I wish we celebrated Halloween more here... :( I didn't even bother to get us halloween costumes.



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