Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coming Up With Titles Is the Hardest Part of Blogging. Easily.

Here is a day in the life post. As if I was some famous person who had a flock of people who actually cared about what a day in MY life looked like. What am I thinking? I do too have a flock. It's called my mother, my sister, and my grandmas.

I woke up to Jane crying an hour earlier than usual and thought "darn, nobody told her about daylight savings." I probably laid in bed for a few more minutes, pondering about what to feed her for breakfast....(ha just kidding. this day in the life will NOT be that detailed. you are welcome)

I finally got up and we started off the morning with an overly soggy diaper and some yogurt and a banana. She now insists on feeding herself with utensils. She doesn't really even care if there is food on the utensil before she shoves it into her mouth (with eagerness and pride). And even if there is food on the utensil to begin with, there is a good chance that on the journey from the bowl to the mouth, it gets flung onto another part of her body.

Ok so we spent all morning playing with toys, reading books, taking a bath, getting dressed...shall i continue?


She went down for her nap, and I completed my insanity workout which I had intended to do before she woke up this morning but then, ya know, the daylight savings thing messed me up.

When she woke up from her nap, we ate black bean burritos and guacamole for lunch, took an hour to play with daddy (it's always better when he is home!) and before I knew it, it was time to feed her face again! She ate about 100 pomegranate seeds which made a reappearance later on when jeff was changing her diaper.

Meanwhile throughout the day, we made 3 trips to the laundromat. It was thrilling. On the third and final trip, Jane decided to take an hour long detour around our apartment complex. She looked so cute with her little pigtails and boots stomping through the leaves. I said to her "Are we on a walk getting some exercise?" and when she heard the word exercise, she started doing squats. Not even kidding. (she has observed a few of my "exercises" lately that apparently include squats...ha I about died laughing!)
^^ this is our front yard!!

Before this post gets too out of hand, I better mention that after the outdoors adventure, we went to dinner with some good friends and their 2 kids for fhe. We were celebrating my friend Melissa's birthday, who, in short, is a friend worth celebrating. It is so nice to live so close to her and to always have a fun friend to talk to while our children run rampant around the park. I am going to miss that! Anyways, her youngest is Jane's age and they are so cute together!

It was as if our three children held a secret meeting beforehand where they all decided they were going to behave like angels and let us adults function as actual adults. With adult conversation. I think baby poop only popped up into the conversation once, so I'd call that a whopping success.

The fact that we ended up with about 20 empty plates on our table afterwards also contributed to the successfulness... (it was all-you-can-eat so OBVIOUSLY!)

The day ended with jammies, teeth brushing, scriptures, and prayers...I think I'll skip the details because nobody wants to know what jane's jammies look like, oh and mostly because this post is already way too long.


  1. I can never figure out how to post a comment

  2. But I just did! haha I am so proud of myself...I consistently try to comment on a blog about every 6 months and this time I don't know what changed but it worked! haha I basically just wanted to say you have the cutest little child ever and I miss her and you even more. Also...I was laughing my butt off OUT LOUD at the squatting comment haha that's hilarious. Love you dude!



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