Saturday, October 4, 2014

J & K Conversations

Here are some recent jeff-isms should I call them?

We finally watched Catching Fire for the first time. I had already seen it so Jeff was interrogating me.
"Is there another killing game in this movie?" - j
"Not tellin'" - k
"if there isn't one I don't want to watch it. If it's some weird story about the freaking village, I'd rather just read about it online in a single paragraph!" - j
"...ok..there is a killing game." - k
"I'm in." - j


"...and THAT'S why I love free back packs!" - j (he owns like 10 back packs)
"No, you like free back packs because you are weird." - k
"No I like them because whoever invented them deserves a gold star." - j


"Isn't it funny how every woman tells every woman who just had a baby "you look great!"?" - k
"Ya. Even though they look worse than ever, ever, EVER." - j


Jeff bought a huge 2 pound bag of swedish fish (i don't even like them, and i think he bought them on purpose so he wouldn't have to share with me). His sister was about to arrive to spend the weekend and and as we were sitting down to watch a movie he says:
"Man, I hope we don't have to share these. HURRY! If we are lucky, we can eat them all before she gets here!"


"But first, let me just take a REAL quick nap!"- j
- everyday, 5 times a day.
I'm pretty sure I will have it written on his tombstone. 

I'd say overall, he's a definite keeper ;)


  1. Hahahahah the Swedish fish one made me laugh! Definitely my favorite one. I try to buy food that I don't have to share with Joel... thinking he doesn't like it and he STILL eats it....

  2. haha! i get that way about my candy, too. sometimes i'll even purposely place my oreos/sour patch kids/oatmeal creme pies all stealth behind the cereal so he doesn't even notice :) also - the women telling each other they look great after babies? SO TRUE. (except i feel like it's genuine like....90% of the time. haha..)


    1. YA my husband was kinda brutal with that but I would agree that most women do look great- esoecially with that beautiful motherly glow..I just think it's funny how everyone says it to everyone ;)

  3. Okay that's it, next time I come I'm eating ALL THE SWEDISH FISH! ;)



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