Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the good life

Jane leads a pretty entertaining life. see?

Whether it is falling asleep shirtless in obscure places, emptying out drawers, trying on some of mom's "special" articles of clothing, or just straight up chilling on the chair, jane knows how to live the good life. She doesn't really like any of my "fun" suggestions.

Like the other day I got out a foam paint brush, a piece of paper, and a bowl of water. My idea was that she could paint on the paper with water. I carefully demonstrated how she was to dip the brush into the water, then gently stroke the paper. She watched intently and when I handed her the foam brush, she looked at it, took a huge bite out of it and then proceeded to pick up the bowl of water and dump it all over herself. She has her own ideas.

I will admit that Jane has shown me the good life. Staying at home and taking care of her is my definition of the good life. Going on walks outside where she lifts her hand up and wraps it around one of my fingers as we walk to the park, only stopping to look up at me to give the hugest and happiest grin she can muster. She says "HIIII!!" through her uncontainable giggles. But what she is really trying to say is: "I'm giddy right now, and I love you." It really makes her giddy, it makes me giddy- and all we are doing is walking to the park! See what I mean? The good life.

Thanks Jane.

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  1. That bra picture is totally going in her wedding slide show one day. And I love the shirtless sleeping pic.



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